The Girl Effect

Ownership, empowerment, and learning are the words that best describe year two of the Grassroots Girls Initiative 3.0 (GGI). 

Girls engaged their communities in advocating for their needs, developed skills, earned incomes to support themselves and their families, and built networks to ensure they have successful futures. CBOs were trained and internalized girl-­‐ centered programming, expanded their capacity through networking and Learning Circles, as well as engaged and advocated in local and national networks to support girl initiatives. Firelight Foundation began the process of developing tools to document the quality of CBO girl programming, captured insights about which environmental factors are key to empowering girls, and shared resources with other community based organizations (CBOs).

Grassroots Girls Initiative - Where the Girls Are

Grassroots Girls Solutions

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The Power of Stories - Digital Storytelling

Learning Circles - Multiplying Change

Guidelines for Adolescent Girls Focus Groups

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Adolescent Girls Program Assessment Tool

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