Selection Criteria

When selecting our partners, we look for the indicators of a well-functioning organization: effective leadership with a competent team, basic management, good programming, and a creative leveraging of resources.

We identify potential grantee-partners through open calls for proposals and by tapping local networks in Africa. Through our due diligence process, we select organizations that have honesty and integrity, deep community roots, respect for children’s rights, a clear vision, sound strategy, and a track record for achieving results by working in partnership with the communities they serve.

We assess proposals for clear problem statements, innovative ideas, and a solid focus on programmatic quality. We have also learned that we must seek out organizations that demonstrate effective leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity.

We’ve found there are three key factors necessary for community approaches to stopping poverty. These are often the factors that make Firelight partners stand apart from the rest:

Strong community roots

 Empowerment approach

 Culture of learning and adapting

Strong community roots demonstrates a good understanding of local needs, available resources, and social capital to put plans into action.

An empowerment approach enhances the capability of families and communities to solve problems holistically and sustain the solutions.

A culture of learning and adapting allows organizations to develop new solutions to common problems and continually improve on those efforts.

Our funding application process is interactive to allow for dialogue. We also gather information from others to inform our due diligence. 

Firelight is not currently accepting Letters of Inquiry. When we are accepting new requests for funding, guidelines will be posted here.