Celebrating Mothers!

Motherhood. It’s a lifelong journey. And as each mother knows, just when you think you have it figured out, you find yourself standing on new ground. New challenges arise as a child reaches a new stage of growth and development. There is always more to learn, understand and teach. Grounded in love and a dream for a better life for her child, each mother provides embrace and nurture, discipline and affirmation. They push so that children can be their best and support them to fulfill their potential. Yet, in many communities in Africa, poverty and disease bring added hardship to that journey of motherhood. But, for those who are fortunate, a helping hand from a local organization helps to restore hope.

The pictures below tell the story of mothers - their love and their dedication for their children - and the many ways that they work hard to provide a meal each day or heal physical and emotional pain.We celebrate their courage and strength. And we pay tribute to the thousands of grassroots organizations who walk with them on their journey of motherhood. Their understanding, encouragement, and training make all the difference in the lives of mothers and their children!

Many of the organizations we fund focus their efforts on helping mothers to heal from the emotional trauma and hardship in their lives. They also help them to develop the skills to strengthen their communication and relationships with their children, but most of all to help them to heal from their emotional pain. One of the groups we fund, Dlalanathi, uses play therapy to facilitate that healing.


In many poor communities a daily meal is not something that can be taken for granted. And nothing can be more painful for a mother than to  struggle to feed her children. Our grantee partners like CERTRUD help mothers to learn organic farming methods, and to start home gardens where they can grow fruits and vegetables. They teach women about nutrition and food preservation. Able to grow their own food, mothers are in a position to provide regular and nutritious meals. And as children become healthier, they thrive!

Given the range of health issues, many of our partners focus their efforts on helping mothers access basic healthcare for themselves and their children. In Zambia, Bwafwano's clinic helps mother access treatment for HIV. By prolonging their lives they help to make sure that children grow up knowing the comfort of their mother's love.

That's the smile of a mother who knows she can provide for her children. Namwera AIDS Coordinating Committee (Malawi) provided skills training in baking and small business management. Freshly baked each morning, she sells her bread rolls at the local market. With the money, her children can go to school, have decent clothes, and count on a regular meal.