Philanthropy Reaches 93 Grassroots Groups with $1.8 Million

Getting money out to the field is one of the most exciting aspects of our work. Our fiscal year just started and we’re off to a great start.

On July 28th the Board of Directors approved $1.8 million in grants. The grants will support the work of 93 organizations working to improve the lives of children, strengthen families and reinforce the community support. The funds will make a difference in the lives of over 72,000 children and adults.

How will they make a difference?

Young men sitting at school desks

Firelight grantees use their grant funding in many ways. Most of them will offer programs that increase economic opportunities for families and youth, get children into school, and provide a meal to the most vulnerable. But that’s not all, grantees also focus on children’s emotional needs and make sure they have a chance to play. They also work to protect children’s rights and protect them from abuse and neglect. Their holistic approach opens a door to a brighter future for many children and their families.

We are always watching for patterns in the approach that grantees use to transform the lives of the poor. They don’t give handouts – but help families to help themselves.

For example, grantees are putting less emphasis on paying school fees for children. Instead, they are using funds to help families start a business so they can pay their children’s school fees this year and in future years. Instead of buying them food, they provide training and seeds so to grow their own food. That means that children can count on being able to finish their education and the family will be able to eat for years to come. It also means families and children can see a way out of poverty.

As Rafiki Callixte, Director of Firelight grantee partner Les Enfants de Dieu said during his visit with us last year, when we send money it’s just a dollar, but when the organization and the community receive the money, “it’s life, it’s hope--hope for a better future.”

Our grantees often ask us to share their stories, to let people know what a difference their support makes and how much more is possible when problems are faced together.

We’ll be sharing many stories in the coming year of how this $1.8 million will be building a better future for 72,000 lives!

We hope to hear from you too!


July Grants


Education, Self-Sustainability, and Improvement of Economy Development Group $15,000.00


Durham Link Coalition $9,000.00

Touch Roots Africa (Metsong Africa) $140,000.00

Ts’osane Support Group $20,000.00

Lesotho Society of Mentally Handicapped Persons $45,000.00


Pemphero Children’s Foundation $9,000.00

Nkhotakota AIDS Support Organization $240,000.00

Peace in God Organisation $9,000.00

Community Youth in Development Activities $45,000.00

Foundation for Community Support Services $9,000.00

Namwera AIDS Coordinating Committee $15,000.00

The Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi $9,000.00

Chikwawa Diocese Health Commission $9,000.00

Mwanje Orphan Care and Home Based Care $9,000.00

Imvani Women’s AIDS Support Group $9,000.00


Commission Chrétienne de Lutte Contre le SIDA $9,000.00

Association Ubumwe Saint Kisito $9,000.00

Let the Little Children Come to Me $9,000.00

Communauté des Potiers du Rwanda $15,000.00

Partners in Health/ Inshuti Mu Buzima $9,000.00

Association Urukundo Rw’Imana $9,000.00

Oeuvre Humanitaire pour la Protection et le Développement de l’Enfant en Difficulté $12,000.00

Association Benimpuhwe, Centre Familial Mu Rugo $11,000.00

Association Tuvuge Twiyubaka $60,000.00

Special Education Center of Janja $9,000.00

Association Inkoramutima $9,000.00

Action pour le Développement du Peuple $60,000.00

Centre Presbyterien d’Amour des Jeunes $10,000.00

Association Ihorere Munyarwanda $15,000.00

South Africa

Motivation Community Development $15,000.00

Empilweni $45,000.00

Bethlehem Basic Training Project $9,000.00

Diketso Eseng Dipuo Community Development Trust $80,000.00


Community Development and Humanitarian Association $9,000.00

Matumaini Mapya $12,000.00

The Pemba Island Relief Organisation $45,000.00

Tujikomboe Group $9,000.00

Kwa Wazee - The Granny Project $11,000.00

Tumaini Women $9,000.00

Christian Youth Network $9,000.00

AIDS Outreach Programme- Nyakato $20,000.00

Mara Widows Development Group $45,000.00

Centre for Youth Development and Adult Education $11,000.00

Baraka Good Hope Orphan’s Development $9,000.00

Church of God, Arusha Branch $7,000.00

Pemba Children’s Club $9,000.00

Women Emancipation and Development Agency $15,000.00


Centre for Environment Technology and Rural Development $15,000.00


Mulumbo Early Childhood Care and Development Foundation $20,000.00

Matero Care Center $15,000.00

Pazesa Horticultural Community $9,000.00

Ray of Hope for Orphans $15,000.00

Welfare Concern International $9,000.00

Community Based Care Foundation $9,000.00

Rural Child $6,500.00

Tusa Munyandi Association $9,000.00

Monze Mission Hospital/Buntolo Drop-In Centre $9,000.00

Kabwata Widows and Orphans Community Society $14,500.00

Silelo Community School HIV/AIDS Support Group $9,000.00

Network of Zambia People Living with HIV/AIDS- Mansa Chapter $9,000.00

Chintelelwe Health Education and Livelihood Programme $9,000.00

The Media Network on Child Rights and Development $9,000.00

Initiative for Sustainable Rural Livelihood $9,000.00

Ulupwa Project $15,000.00

Fountains of Light $9,000.00

Youth for Change $45,000.00

Livingstone Anglican Children’s Project $9,000.00

Lupwa Lwabumi Trust $45,000.00

Kara Counselling & Training Trust $9,000.00

Fountain of Hope $9,000.00

Young Women’s Christian Association - Western Region, Zambia $10,000.00

Mphatso Development Foundation $9,000.00

Titukuke Rural Community Development Association $9,000.00

Development Aid from People to People, Children’s Town $9,000.00


Chiedza Community Based Orphan Welfare Organisation $45,000.00

Loving Hand $9,000.00

Shingirirai Trust $9,000.00

Family-in-Need Trust $12,000.00

Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association, Bulawayo Branch $9,000.00

Ray of Hope Zimbabwe $9,000.00

Nehemiah Project $9,000.00

Maunganidze Kindhearted Children’s Organisation $14,000.00

Justice for Children Trust $45,000.00

Basilwizi Trust $9,000.00

Esandleni Sothando $8,800.00

HelpAge Zimbabwe, Southern Region $12,000.00

Farm Orphan Support Trust of Zimbabwe $12,000.00

Family Support Trust $9,100.00

Sesithule Vamanani Caring Association $9,000.00

Ingalo Zomusa Orphan Care $15,000.00

Gwai Grandmothers’ Group $12,200.00

Sibambene AIDS Programme of the Archdiocese of Bulawayo - Sikhethimpilo Centre $9,000.00

Simukai Street Youth Programme $15,000.00