Birthdays, Philanthropy, and Gifts that Keep on Giving

a wrapped boxTurning fifty only happens once. For me, it happened last year. It was an exciting and thoughtful birthday--over fifty friends, family, and colleagues made a special gift to Firelight Foundation in honor of my fiftieth birthday. Their contributions totaled more than $6,000. Firelight used the funds to make a grant to the Rwandan organization Les Enfants de Dieu, which helps boys who've been living on the street gain self-esteem and direction in their lives.

The Prezi link below is my way of saying thank you to everyone who gave a gift to Firelight and Les Enfants de Dieu, and now I'd like to share it with everyone in the Firelight community. Click the link below and find out how the boys voted to use the funds.

Les Enfants de Dieu:  Look What You've Accomplished

Thanks, Everyone!









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