Firelight Grantee Success Story

children drawing in a calssroomMatching children who have lost their parents with caregivers to care for and raise them is a complicated task with many rewards when it works. Tholulwazi Uzivikele, Firelight grantee partner in South Africa, does all this while offering a range of assistance to foster a loving, supported relationship between children and caregivers. Tholulwazi Uzivikele which means “get information to protect yourself” offers to both children and caregivers paralegal assistance, educational resources and behavioral counseling. Caregivers receive parenting assistance and children receive art therapy that helps them express their personal needs and their needs within their new homes. These techniques in turn help counselors to best understand the support needed along the way.

Here at Firelight Foundation we are proud to have been able to assist such a great program and to see it flourish and succeed with such vigor.

These photos tell the story of their journey.

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