Bike2Work Day!

a woman on bicycle Bi-cycle... Bi-cycle... we want to ride our bicycles!!! The bi-annual event is here again and Firelight Staff are once again participating in the Santa Cruz Bike2Work Day! Bike2Work has many benefits both personally and community wide. There will be over 40 schools hosting breakfast sites as well as 16 sites around Santa Cruz County. We are excited to be one of many organizations peddling to our offices on this day!

There are so many reasons to consider biking. Whether your motivation is the environment, health, productivity, or economics, we can all find reasons to dust off our seats and ride.

Recently, I began riding my bike to work and have really seen the positive changes it has brought to my life. Every morning and evening I see friends along the way, ride on the river jetty experiencing the migratory birds feeding and singing, and often times by-pass all the cars as they wait in lines downtown. A friend of mine in Portland opened my mind and attitude to this new way of urban life and I'm forever grateful.

My passion for bikes has been life long and has grown as new opportunities emerged. While I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, I was the regional bike mechanic. I was responsible for fixing, training, and working with other volunteers to make sure their bikes were working and allowed them to travel for their jobs. I often choose to ride the 26 miles into town instead of taking the local bus as it freed me from a limited bus schedule and breakdowns and allowed me to get to meetings on time. I also used my bike to reach very rural farms to teach and work with other farmers up to two hours away. That was a great bike!

This Thursday, Firelight has over 50% of our staff participating in the event and we hope the numbers will grow as

man on bicycle

the day draws closer. We hope to see a lot of you out there as we enjoy the benefits and gifts shared by other community businesses and individuals.

Join Firelight and your other community members and ride your bikes to work or school and see how this one-day can help to reshape the way you live and experience the community we call home.

Wheel see you on the road!

(Safety First: wear a helmet and use bike lights at night)