Meet Bella, our Youngest Donor

Joop Rubens and Isabella“It is Fun to Share!” Nine-year old Isabella Parks, or ‘Bella’ as she likes to be called, lives in Half Moon Bay. She is just another fourth grader, who loves horses, her dog Lola, and who wants to become a vet. Except, this young girl is intent on changing some of the inequalities she sees around her.

She is also Firelight’s youngest donor, which is why I invited Bella and her parents, Andrea and David, to come down to Santa Cruz for a visit.

Meeting the Parks family was a privilege. Bella walked in with a gigantic smile. Her hopefulness was contagious. When I asked Bella why she wanted to help others, she replied: “Well, I like helping kids, because they are nice. I like helping people. It is fun to share! Because it makes me feel good and it means I get to spend time with many different people, and I like that.”

She explained how a request from her grandmother Bonnie Addario was very influential. A few years ago Bella’s grandmother who founded the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation asked all of her grandchildren to pick one cause. A gift would then be made in their name to the cause. That’s when Bella realized the joy of sharing, and it is also how she eventually found Firelight. And, “This year I wanted to help Firelight with my own money. I knew if I did, my money was going to help others.”

Bella’s parents run the Canyon Creek Equestrian Center, a full-service boarding facility for horses in Half Moon Bay where Bella told me that she loves to play softball with her dad. Whenever there is time, she also volunteers for the Square Peg Foundation, an organization that provides equine therapy for children.

Andrea and David, thanks for taking the time to drive down here and to introduce us all to your wonderful daughter. And Bella, thanks for your support of course, and thanks for saying it so clearly: “It is fun to share!”