It's Bonus Day at Global Giving

A Bonus on Your Donation? That rarely happens, but today Global Giving is giving a bonus with every donation!  Global Giving has declared today Bonus Day and will match every donation up to $1,000 with 30% of their own funds. Your gift helps us to support the Mansa chapter of Zambian People Living with AIDS. Elizabeth Mwenya and others at the Mansa Network of People Living with AIDS have helped mothers prevent HIV transmission to their children during birth, encouraged couples to be tested together and offered a crucial network of support for people living with HIV and AIDS. You can read Elizabeth's story and more about  her work as a support coordinator on the Global Giving site.

Show Global Giving that Bonus Day is a great idea and support Elizabeth's work with mother and children in Zambia who are building a network to combat HIV and AIDS and keep Zambian mothers and infants healthy and HIV free.

By making a gift to Firelight Foundation you'll increase that gift by 30% and you still have a few hours left to do it! Make your gift online at

Thank you for all of your support of African grassroots leaders changing children's lives.