A Call for Mothers Around the World!

Woman smiling

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. They remind us that we’re loved, that we aren’t alone, and they help us find our way when it feels like we’re missing it. It’s more than just our own mothers, but the many mothers we meet throughout our lives who make an impression on us.

Children affected by HIV and AIDS often find a mother's love from their community or extended family. It’s visible everyday when one family with barely enough food to nourish

Namwera granny and child

themselves, invites a hungry child to dinner. It’s also seen when a child struggles to pay school fees or travel the long distance to attend school and a community organization of grandmothers offers the means of support and the encouragement to persevere. While mothers face their own hardships, they continue to provide and encourage the many who rely on them.

A father smiling with his arm around his family

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate all kinds of mothers. We’re asking everyone to share a photo of a mother who has loved and cared for you -- your own mom, or an aunt, friend, grandma.

Upload the photo to Firelight’s Facebook page and then pass the love forward by encouraging others to do the same. Let’s celebrate mothers around the world and show them how much their support means to all of us.

Upload your photo and celebrate the mothers in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day!