What If You Couldn't Afford School?

The following story is from one of Luapula Foundation's newsletters. It's written by Marjory Mpundu, who received a suitcase from Luapula Foundation for winning a writing contest, she agreed to have her letter published and we wanted to share it here too. Luapula Foundation is a Firelight grantee partner in Zambia that graduated in 2007 and has grown into some great success.

Here's Marjory's story...

“My name is Marjory Mpundu, I am at Fibale Basic School, and I am doing my grade 9.

After my father died his relatives came to the funeral and started quarreling with my mother, and they took all the property in the house, and left us only with cooking pots.

Now I live with my mother; she sells vegetables in the market. We are seven people in the house, and life is very difficult to find food, clothes, and proper health.

At home I help with the work. I pound cassava for mealie meal, sweep the surroundings, wash plates, and bath the young ones.

I manage to read and study in the night because my mother buys one candle per day for me.

My dream is to become a nurse so that I treat and help people who are suffering from certain diseases which increase the number of orphans, like AIDS.

I want to fulfill my dream so that I will become the helper of other orphans including my relatives.

I am grateful to Luapula Foundation, because they are paying my school fees. If they did not pay, I would not be able to remain in school.”

Tell us where you would be now if you couldn't afford to go to school?