Five Videos of Africa's Grassroots

children dancing outsideHere are some of our video bests!  These five videos are from our grantee partners who work on-the-ground in sub-Saharan Africa everyday to improve children’s lives so they grow up healthy, hopeful, and prepared to lead.  

Rafiki Callixte is a Firelight grantee partner in Rwanda. He visited Firelight’s California office in 2010 and spoke to a packed house about his work with children living on the streets who find a home and community at Les Enfants de Dieu.  Video: Rafiki Callixte, Les Enfants de Dieu

These young people are part of Youth for a Child in Christ or YOCIC, also a Firelight grantee partner in Zimbabwe. You’d never guess it now, but some of the young people leading the game were so shy they could barely talk to the group when they first joined YOCIC. Games are powerful leadership tools. Video: Children's Games in Africa

Here’s a fun dance shot from children at Gwai Grandmothers, a Firelight grantee partner in Zimbabwe who provides essential support to children who have lost their parents. Video: Gwai Dancers

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. This short film follows Simon, a young man in Zambia who stays close to his good friends to cope with the loss of his parents. Development Aid from People to People helps him and many others to attend school and gain the education they deserve. Video: Simon's Story

Saeed Wame talks about his decision to be a leader and give back to his community in Malawi through his work with Namwera AIDS Coordinating Committee, a Firelight grantee partner since 2003. Video: Planting a Tree

Do you have any questions for these great organization leaders?  They are an impressive group with incredible insights. Leave a comment and we’ll get you a response!