Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Today, the great world leader and human rights activist turns 94 and to celebrate here are five great links to some of the poignant moments of Mandela’s leadership and life. Mandela has devoted much of his life to fighting against apartheid, as many know. He co-founded the anti-apartheid group Umkhonto we Sizwe, also known as “Spear of the Nation.” After being arrested for “treason” and sentenced for life, Nelson was released nearly 30 years later. Mandela and the African National Congress pushed for democracy. His work earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. In 1994, the ANC’s efforts culminated, when Mandela became the first person to be elected President of South Africa in a fully democratic election. In his four-year term as president, Mandela focused on calming tensions within South Africa and fighting apartheid and poverty.

1994: Mandela becomes South Africa's first black president. This BBC news report is from May 10, 1994 when Mandela took office.

Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Address This video clip is from Mandela’s inaugural address. He shares his vision for the future of South Africa.

Oprah Talks to Nelson Mandela One-on-one Q & A between Oprah and Nelson Mandela. Mandela shares his life and thoughts in typical Oprah style. Trust us, you’ll be inspired.

Nelson Mandela Celebrates 'Quiet Family' Birthday The BBC reports how Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday and the many people around the world who honored him.

Give 67 Minutes to Change the World on Mandela Day The Elders is a group founded by Mandela. They declared July 18th to be International Nelson Mandela Day.  The Elder’s 67 Minute Campaign urges everyone to devote 67 minutes of their day to make a difference in the lives of others. The 67 minutes is in honor of Mandela’s 67 years of working for peace and human rights.

Happy Birthday, Madiba!


This blog was written by Ryan Lee, one of Firelight Foundation's youth interns. He's volunteering in communications this summer, to expand his horizons.