Back to School in Malawi

Four students sitting around a desktop computer in a classroom.What comes to mind when you think about “Back to school”? Is it notebooks? Pens? Computers? You probably agree that 21st century students couldn’t complete their educations without computer access. That’s why Firelight supports African community-based organizations that are helping their communities keep up with the 21st century. Firelight grantee partner Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) works in 300 villages in Malawi and provides a free computer training school for young people who complete their secondary school education. By focusing on providing students with practical technology skills, NACC provides an incentive for youth to stay interested in school and prepares them for the future.

A group of students in Malawi sit in the classroom to pose for the camera

As NACC began to expand it's technology classes, staff were excited to receive a donation of 20 second-hand computers from Computer Aid International. Then they learned that they'd have to cover the costs of insurance and shipping. They couldn’t afford it, and reached out for support.

Firelight was able to help, making that bridge support possible and getting computers into student’s hands. NACC was now able to cover the costs of shipping, the computers reached the classroom, and students are progressing in their education.


Four students sitting around a desktop computer in a classroom.




A teacher and students at computer class


As children are heading back to school and their families and communities help prepare them for the future, think of all the little things each of us can do that make a big difference in their education.


This story was written by Anya Barca-Hall, a junior at Scotts Valley High School and Firelight Foundation intern.