Making a Child's Education a Community Goal in Tanzania

Firelight staff, Kristen Molyneaux, is visiting Tanzania right now and spent the day with children at Elimu Community Light, a Firelight grantee-partner in Arusha. She sent back these pictures of children learning their alphabet and numbers. Elimu Community Light's education program hinges on a community-based model of early childhood care & development that engages families in their children’s education. In order for children to learn best, they have created an holistic method of support where parents, family, and community come together and participate in early childhood care & development interventions that support the child.

African children in an early childhood classroom setting playing with blocks, a teacher stands beside them.


African children playing with a numbers puzzle around a table

African children sit beside each other with cards of the alphabet in front of them.


African children and an American woman sit in a classroom in Tanzania smiling at the camera.

This is Kristen with the children at Elimu...making education fun!

Learn the founding story of Elimu Community Light and more about their work in a blog we wrote about them last month, It Takes a Community to Raise a Child.