Madonna was in Malawi Today (Other Important Things Happened Too)

Every time Madonna visits Malawi, it eclipses the news of the country. Malawi is a country in the midst of leadership transition, steep inflation, and some turmoil. But if you take a look at Malawi in the news today, you will probably hear about Madonna’s 15 million dollar academy that has not materialized or maybe catch a glimpse of her adopted children. There are many other things going on in Malawi too.

Today, and every other day, our partners in Malawi are taking action for children.

Today our new partner, Community Partnership for Relief and Development (COPRED), received funds for their first grant from Firelight. They will stretch these $15,000 to establish five new community-run preschools and strengthen ten existing preschools, among many other activities.

Long-time partner Chilimba Women and Children Support Organization was awarded a spot on the website Global Giving. This gives them one month to earn $4,000 USD toward constructing a community-run preschool. If they meet their goal, they earn a permanent spot on Global Giving’s site, giving them access to funding from donors all over the world.

Our resource person, Howard Kasiya, finalized plans to lead two small community-based organizations through financial management training. By assisting our partners to strengthen their systems, we help them develop into strong institutions in their community that can qualify for grants from larger donors.

The news I receive from Malawi when I open up my email everyday is about people working hard to strengthen their organizations to ensure a better future for Malawi’s children. This is the news I wish more Americans had heard today too.

Children smile and hold their arms out outside a school under construction in an African town