International Day of the Girl is October 11

An African girl stands in a classroom smiling as other students watch her.This Friday, October 11th is the second annual International Day of the Girl. Innovating girls' education is this year's theme.

There's a lot going on this week because girls' education is an important part of ending poverty around the world.

We'll be posting videos and blogs from and about girls and girls' education this week. All of that is coming, but first we decided to get down to basics and start the week by asking girls and their advocates why girls should go to school.

Here's what we're hearing...

"Educated girls can decide on their own the number of children they have to make and they are not negatively influenced by their husbands when an important decision regarding the well being of the family is to be made." Eline, 22 Rwanda

"So they can learn new things." Ava, 7 Minnesota

"Girls should go to school to become empowered with the knowledge and leadership skills to allow them to compete with and surpass any male colleague they encounter in the future. Males are still given the upper hand in many places, so girls should go to school to keep people from finding any reason to hold them back."   Anya, 18 Scotts Valley, CA

"Because girls also need to have strong knowledge in various domain and there are so many occupations that girls can have in case they are educated." Christine, 20 Rwanda

"Every girl, women, and elderly lady should have the chance to be educated no matter where they are living in the world. It is so important, that we are able to gain access to education whereby giving us the knowledge, empowerment and courage to be independent and support oneself, as well as, our families." Janice Manion, 48 Aptos CA / Montpelier, Idaho

"Girls should go to school to rise up against stigmatization. Girls should go to school to learn why there is prejudice against their gender, and how to respond to show that it is wrong. And most importantly, girls should go to school to forever silence the question of why girls should go to school."  Nicole, 18 Scotts Valley, California

“A girl has an equal opportunity as a boy and can equally contribute to the growth and development of the community they belong. It is therefore very important to educate them. Equally girls should feel capable of doing as much as men could to break the negative thinking among many in the society. Every one in this universe has a role to play in contributing to development. Education is the pathway for one's ability to explore his/her potential in development endeavours. Let's educate girls for development.” Arcard Rutajwaha

“Education helps her set goals. It gives her confidence and a chance at an independent future. This is specifically important for a girl. An education girl is much better prepared to defy gender inequality.” Moses Zulu, Zambia

We'll be asking this question all week. An entire third grade class is even sending their answers. We want to hear from you too.

Tell us, why do you think it's important for girls to go to school?

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Stay tuned for more insights on International Day of the Girl from our African advisors, Firelight partners and the girls in their communities and more.

Let's show girls there's a global community behind them this year!