Grassroots Girls Book Club

“We told our stories to show change is happening. It's amazing how a girl can transform her life with the right support. And it was fun seeing our lives illustrated by some incredible female artists! Read our graphic novellas, discuss with your friends and then take action to make our world better for girls everywhere.” --Finka, one of six girls telling their stories of change for the Grassroots Girls Book Club graphic novella series. Introducing the Grassroots Girls Book Club today!

This book club features six graphic novella memoirs created by girls from around the world. You'll discover how Khadija went from isolated teen mom to a powerful voice advocating for Malawi’s girls to stay in school with the help of Firelight partner NASO. Then check out the other stories from India, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Kenya and Poland. Real girls, real stories, real change.


The first story launched today. All the stories will be free for download and on @ Join the discussion and be inspired.

Six girls facing real challenges, six grassroots organizations offering real solutions, six unforgettable graphic novellas. Meenu, Finka, Khadija, Leidy, Mabreidy and Fatuma tell their stories of transformation, showing that girl power is growing at the grassroots level worldwide. Read their inspiring stories, join the Grassroots Girls Book Club discussion and take action to make our world better for girls everywhere. The first story launched today, Oct. 11, @

Here's a sneak peak at Khadija's story, the girl from Malawi who's connect with Firelight partner NASO.

a graphic novel cover of an African girl going places

The Grassroots Girls Initiative, launched by the Nike Foundation in 2006, is a partnership of six funders that believe grassroots organizations are uniquely qualified to create and implement effective, organic solutions for the most underserved girls in the communities where they work. Grassroots Girls Initiative members are: American Jewish World Service, EMpower—the Emerging Markets Foundation, Firelight Foundation, Global Fund for Children, Global Fund for Women and Mama Cash.

Are you interested in starting a Grassroots Girls Book Club?  We already have three groups of girls signing up!

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