Girl Stories: Claudine in Rwanda

We love hearing girls' big ideas so this International Day of the Girl, we asked our partner Action pour le Développement du Peuple, or ADEPE, in Rwanda to interview a few girls in their program to share on our blog. All the girls were part of our digital storytelling project earlier this year.  The girls sent us their comments on handwritten paper in Kinyarwanda. We've attached those comments here with the English translation.

Check out Claudine's biggest hope for girls - we can't wait to see what this girl does next!  

A handwritten letter with black ink on white paper from a young African woman in Rwanda   NYIRAHABIMANA Claudine Born July, 7, 1998

What is your favorite kind of music? Rwandan songs, Love songs (RWB)

What is your favorite food? Rice, Cassava leaves

What was/is your favorite part of doing the digital storytelling? What makes me happy when I record a story about someone who is in bad conditions is that this story can help other persons to learn from the story and know how they can handle and change their own bad situations.

What do you want people to know about girls in your community? So that people know this person can do something and even rule the world!

What is something that you think girls are really good at? Have room for self expression in the family

Why is it important for girls to go to school? Benefit from things previously she didn’t know, be aware that she can do something using what she already knows.

What was your favorite subject in school? Entrepreneurship

What is your biggest hope for girls in your community? Know that she can become somebody important like a leader, do unexpectedly things people couldn’t believe she can do , that she can change many things in the family. An African girl stands in a classroom smiling as other students watch her.