Join 5 Minutes for Firelight and Be Part of A Powerful Community


a boy with a thumps up outdoors in Africa

I’m excited to announce that we are building a 5 Minutes for Firelight team of grassroots volunteers from all over the world!

Here’s the big idea: in just five minutes each week we can create a groundswell of support for African communities stopping poverty by bringing attention to the great working happening on the ground and the power of communities. We have a small group of committed people already on the list, but we need more people! Just imagine the conversations that could be happening across continents that connect communities dedicated to ending poverty.

The 5 Minutes for Firelight team increases awareness about communities stopping poverty in Africa each day. Although five minutes doesn’t seem like much, sharing your influence and leadership within your networks is your true donation. If you’re like me, I always appreciate reminders, so we’ll send out an email with links, tips, and ideas for great posts.

So, what will you do as part of the 5 Minutes for Firelight team?

It's simple, you could...

  • Like, share, and comment on Firelight Facebook posts
  • Tag Firelight in your Facebook messages and tweets
  • Ask friends to like the Firelight Facebook page
  • Retweet Firelight Tweets
  • Use #communitiesstoppoverty to spread the word
  • Ask followers to follow @FirelightFnd on Twitter
  • Comment on or share a Firelight Blog Post

We’re committed to supporting African communities through our ongoing grants and support, but we know it’s going to take much more than that to reach more people and show them what our partners’ work so hard to accomplish every day.  That’s only going to come from the conversations we can help create about their efforts.

If you're sick of seeing heartbreaking stories about Africa, then this is your team! We’re dedicated to sharing the positive energy and work of our partners.

By joining 5 Minutes for Firelight, you can create the momentum for our movement to support communities stopping poverty.  So next time you are looking at cat memes, take a minute to retweet or like a story about the power of community.


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