We did it! Fund: Child Safety Success

Smiling African girls outside a school Our first Fund closed two weeks earlier than expected and we couldn’t be happier.

The Fund: Child Safety opened on November 19th,  2013 and the response has been fantastic. We raised $25,000 to increase community efforts to keep children safe. The four partners involved in the fund now have more resources to strengthen their community efforts to keep children safe. We’re looking forward to keeping you informed of what they’re up to.

Since we launched Fund: Child Safety in November, our community really stepped up to help us reach success.

  • Four crowdfunding campaigns raised a total $6,850. That’s more than 25% of our goal!
  • As word spread about our new strategy, many others gave online.
  • Then, a few weeks ago one of our donors closed the fund with one donation. Find out why in her blog: Moms Helping Moms Around the World

In the end, nearly 80 donors invested in Fund: Child Safety. Our appreciation needs no explanation, but when you think about the real reason we started this strategy--to bring our communities closer together--that number means a lot. It tells us that our community is ready for this; they want more ways to support African communities who are making a long-term difference in children and families’ lives.

Behind everything we do, we believe that communities are the key. By supporting African communities over the course of our seven-year partnerships, we’re able to take a long-term approach. It starts when we find the communities poised for incredible leadership then help them to develop stability, build impact, and sustain their results.

When we launched our new online strategy last November, we wanted to bring our community of supporters closer to the communities stopping poverty in Africa. By creating more ways for you to learn about Firelight partners in Africa and invest in their success, we have more communities stopping poverty. You did it! Now the four communities involved in Fund: Child Safety are busy planning their next steps and we’re planning the next Fund.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to invest in African communities stopping poverty! Our next fund will be open soon. Here’s a hint on what it will include…many women start small businesses to improve their lives and invest profits in girls’ advancement.

Thank you for being a part of the Firelight community!