Valentine Community Cupids

This Valentine’s Day I think we should have Community Cupids and show our love and support for our communities. So here’s my Valentine’s Day challenge for all of you. Between the chocolates, flowers and kisses, I want you to take a picture holding a paper heart with your favorite Community Cupid written on it. It can be the name of a person or an organization...anyone who is giving love to your community. Post your photo to the Firelight Facebook page or post it on instagram or twitter @FirelightFnd with the hashtag: #communitycupid. I chose Firelight as my #CommunityCupid so here is my little nephew starting the Valentine’s Day challenge for us!

A little boy wearing a shirt that says cupid hold a heart with the name Firelight Foundation written on it.

I intern at Firelight so it’s no surprise I’m a fan, but I chose Firelight because I love that it reaches so many African communities, supporting them to solve local and global issues and empower the members of their community to make real change. I love that so many communities are determined to come together out of love and interest in a common cause.

Who is your #CommunityCupid?

Have a lovely, community-filled Valentine’s Day!


Anya Barca-Hall wrote this blog, she is a senior at Scotts Valley High School and intern at Firelight.