Fund: Her Village Venture Open Now!

Fund:HerVillageVenture Women in Malawi are making waves and you can see what they're up to in Fund: Her Village Venture that launched on our site last week. It has already raised $5,215 for women in Malawi to start their own businesses and help girls go to school.

Paying school fees is often a challenge when money is scarce. Families will often send boys to school first while girls stay home to help with the household. That’s not the case for some women in Malawi though.

Women are starting new businesses and investing a portion of their profits in girls’ education. We launched Fund: Her Village Venture to raise $15,000 to provide women in Malawi with the funding and support to start their own businesses.

Our two partners participating in this fund know what it takes to help women succeed in business. It takes much more than a loan and these two community organizations have the right mix of peer support, training, and capital to help women gain business confidence and experience while helping girls grow too.

Make a donation to Fund: Her Village Venture and 100% of your gift goes directly to communities in Malawi to empower local women to start their own small businesses. We'll keep you informed throughout the process as this fund reaches women directly and as we work with these partners over the next year. It's going to be great so join us now!

Take a look at Fund: Her Village Venture and spread the word, women in Malawi are starting new businesses and opening doors for girls’ education.