A Champion Behind Fund: Her Village Venture

Fund:HerVillageVenture One of the champions behind Fund: Her Village Venture is Gayle Ortiz. She's a warm, smart and thoughtful business leader who's been a part of our Firelight community in great ways. We told her about one woman in Malawi, Patuma, who started her own bakery a few years before and that we had plans to help more women launch businesses with similar support.

Read Patuma's story: Patuma Bakes: Women In Malawi Venture into Entrepreneurship

Gayle, also a bakery owner at the amazing Gayle's Bakery, signed up to help us raise $15,000 for women and girls in Malawi. We asked Gayle why she decided to support Fund: Her Village Venture and here’s what she said…

Gayle Ortiz

"I’ve been a supporter of Firelight Foundation ever since I sat next to a young woman at a meeting in Capitola. As we were chatting, she mentioned the organization she worked for and explained its mission. I was hooked immediately.

Most of my donation expenditures are for organizations that help within my own community but there are a few, like Firelight, who do such important work they deserve support.  Plus, as an American, I feel deeply obliged to help others who live in countries that need a hand.

When the Firelight folks told me about Fund: Her Village Venture and introduced me to Patuma and her story it really resonated with me.  Being the owner of Gayle’s Bakery and Rosticceria here in Capitola I could relate to her life as a mother trying to support her children and make sure her daughters were able to attend school.

I’m proud to be leading my small group of friends in supporting this particular fund."

Thanks Gayle, your support means so much to us and the women and girls in Malawi who will see the impact of it!