Fund: Healthy Beginnings is Now Open

An African woman smiles at the baby she holds in her lap When we talk about HIV and AIDS, the conversation is often about testing and treatment. That's important, but it's not the whole story. Testing and treatment provide children a healthy life, but family, school, and community are critical to success.

We just launched Fund: Healthy Beginnings to raise $15,000 to support children living with HIV in Zambia.

Here's a glimpse of what this Fund will do...

  • Support parents accessing treatment to prevent transmission of HIV
  • Train caregivers to manage pediatric HIV and AIDS at home
  • Provide children with nutritious meals, emotional support, and care
Visit Fund: Healthy Beginnings and support children in Zambia to live long, happy, healthy lives with the support of their communities.
Hurry...the Fund closes on October 29th!
The front yard of a clinic in Zambia where children and women area walking and playing