Take It Forward Tuesday

A weekly NewsFlash with timely tips, news, resources, and ideas to help African communities take it forward!

A group of African children and adults smile and look out a window

All children gain a better understanding of right and wrong through love, understanding, and consistent support so this week’s NewsFlash is about ending corporal punishment.

These resources have some great ideas on what you can do to help end corporal punishment in your community.

What you’ll find in this week’s NewsFlash…

1. A briefing from the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children 2. A Fact Sheet from the Gender Research & Advocacy Project, a part of the Legal Assistance Centre 3. A handbook for Alternatives to Corporal Punishment from UNICEF and the Republic of Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports

Plus, a few timely funding opportunities from Threshold Foundation and Gates Foundation

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