Fund: Healthy Beginnings is a Success

HealthyBeginnings Success!

HealthyBeginnings Success!

We closed Fund: Healthy Beginnings today with great success! Thanks to all of you, we beat our goal of $15,000 to support children living with HIV in Zambia.

Fund: Healthy Beginnings opened on September 17th and closed November 6, 2014 with $17,420! We’re now preparing the paperwork to send the funds to our two participating partners, Matero Care Center and Bwafano Integrated Services Organization in Zambia. These two partners will use the funds to provide children living with HIV the healthcare, education, and community support they need to live long, healthy lives. We can’t wait until this time next year to tell you how the funds helped their work. Be sure to subscribe to Fund: Healthy Beginnings to make sure you don’t miss news along the way and the Fund Impact Report next year.

Until then, watch this video of Christopher Mulela, program director at Matero Care Center, to learn how they work with caregivers to improve the quality of care provided to children living with HIV and AIDS. This is the work you invest in when you give to Fund: Healthy Beginnings.


Our Fund Champion, Melanie Gross, took the lead on fundraising for Fund: Healthy Beginnings and made it a big success! How’d she do it? Melanie said, “Before the Fund even started, I told friends this was on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to support NGOs in Zambia for a long time and now I was.

I used Facebook to celebrate my friends who gave and then just started sending personal notes letting friends know that even $5 makes a difference. There were two big gifts that pushed me closer to the goal, a $1,000 gift from my dad and another $1,000 gift. That felt Amazing. I’m celebrating their support of me and that I encouraged them to get involved in a cause they care about.”

This was Melanie’s first fundraising effort and looking back on the seven weeks she spent encouraging friends and family to give, she said, “I wish I could have done more. This is a way I can make an impact and I believe in this cause. The way to effect change is to help programs become more sustainable. It’s not enough to do one push and be done, I want to be an ongoing partner in groups becoming even more sustainable. Firelight helps me do this.”

Read Melanie’s story of why she chose Fund: Healthy Beginnings

What are Melanie’s words of advice for all of you considering supporting a cause you care about? “Never underestimate the power of your personal story and your personal network to make change.”

Thank you Melanie and all of you who supported Fund: Healthy Beginnings. Your gift is an investment in African communities making real change for children and families.

Stay tuned for news and updates about how Matero Care Center and Bwafano Integrated Services Organization are using your gift to improve children’s lives in Zambia.

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