Make it Happen Monday

Our weekly partner spotlight. This week we take a look at Chiedza Community Welfare Trust, or Chiedza as we often refer to them, in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Chiedza is the Shona word for “light.”


Chiedza is making it happen by fighting the transmission of HIV at birth, also known as “parent-to-child transmission.” They also help families to become self-sufficient by providing business opportunities. Chiedza’s first financial support came from a local women’s batik making cooperative. Since then, they have launched a chicken-raising business to support their organization.


Chiedza was formed by a group of teachers, health workers, and local women in 2005. They currently have four programs that create access to education, health, and nutrition services, provide care and support for vulnerable children, develop income generating projects, and promote HIV prevention. Chiedza takes a holistic approach to strengthening communities to support their vulnerable children.

Partner Snapshot… Firelight partner since 2008 7 staff members 100 volunteers

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