Make it Happen Monday

Our weekly partner spotlight. This week we take a look at Kwa Wazee in Kagera, Tanzania.

Kwa Wazee is making it happen by providing support groups for grandmothers and children as well as stopping violence by teaching girls self defense and boys peaceful conflict resolution.

Kwa Wazee

Kwa Wazee

Kwa Wazee provides monthly pensions and support groups for grandmothers caring for grandchildren who have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS. Kwa Wazee also engages the children in “Tatu Tano” groups, weekly peer-led support groups that provide a safe space for discussion. Through these groups, children surfaced cases of violence. Kwa Wazee responded by teaching girls self-defense and boys peaceful conflict resolution. Kwa Wazee also helps communities create child protection committees to keep children safe from harm and support children’s learning.

Partner Snapshot… Firelight partner since 2006 9 staff members 180 volunteers Part of Fund: Child Safety.

Learn more about Kwa Wazee here … Teaching Self Defense in Tanzania

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