Make it Happen Monday

Our weekly partner spotlight. This week we take a look at Namwera AIDS Coordinating Committee, NACC, in Namwera, Malawi.

NACC is making it happen by mobilizing communities to care for their most vulnerable members.



Started in the early days of the AIDS crisis, NACC now works in more than 300 villages with a volunteer corps of more than 5,000. NACC provides communities with information, care, and support on issues of HIV and AIDS to increase testing and treatment, decrease transmission, and end stigma. They help communities establish and operate community-based childcare centers for children under five, and help women to start new businesses to reach financial independence. NACC’s approach addresses the needs of the community with holistic responses that enable everyone to thrive.

Partner Snapshot… Firelight partner since 2004 48 staff members 5,520 Volunteers Part of Fund: Her Village Venture Learn more about NACC here … Patuma Bakes: Women In Malawi Venture into Entrepreneurship

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NACC was featured in our 2008 Annual Report

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