Initiative Overview: Resilience

Firelight’s Resilience Initiative provides funding and capacity building support to 14 grassroots organizations in Tanzania and Kenya working to ensure children realize the fulfillment of their rights and their potential within a safe, caring, and protective environment. DSC_0364 1

We recently completed a three-year child protection initiative that yielded notable results. Eight partner organizations in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Lesotho, South Africa, and Malawi designed and implemented thoughtful sets of programs with the goal of ensuring that children in their communities are safe. Our partners registered a 47 percent improvement in their organizational child protection systems due to the capacity building support and peer learning we built into the initiative.

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We are thrilled to build on this work as we embark on a new initiative. Over the next three years, we’ll support 14 community-based organizations (CBOs) in Tanzania and Kenya as they create lasting change for children in their communities.


We’ve chosen to focus on CBOs because they are uniquely suited to navigate the space between national and international child rights policies and local culture. They ensure that children know their rights, are safe, and receive the emotional support and care they need to thrive. CBOs strengthen families, mobilize community members, and collaborate with local leaders to protect children and their rights.

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In addition to providing this new set of partners with resources to carry out their programs, we’ll also provide intensive capacity building support. This support will focus on building and refining programs that keep children safe, ensure their rights, and contribute to their emotional wellbeing. As we recognize that it takes a strong organization to implement effective programs, support will also focus on building the organizational capacity of our partners. This support includes areas such as financial management and resource mobilization, so that these organizations will be sustainable in the long term and able to support children long after the initiative has concluded.


We are eager to work alongside these new partners to ensure that children in Tanzania and Kenya realize the fulfillment of their rights and their potential within a safe, caring, and protective environment.

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