Fund: Child Safety Impact Report (infographic)

You may remember our Fund: Child Safety last year. It closed with $25,000 raised to protect children in four countries in Africa. The Firelight partners involved took on four different strategies and spent the year making an impact. You can read what they did in the Fund Impact Report we just released.

Fund: Child Safety and the 79 donors who donated, made many great projects possible including safe parks for children, family support circles promoting child rights and a building where free legal services are provided for vulnerable children.

That's just part of the success.

Read the Fund: Child Safety Impact Report infographic

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We know that communities are the key to making a difference in the lives of children and families in Africa. By supporting community organizations, we help to promote children's safety and well-being.

 Watch this video of children playing mancala at the safe park in Zambia.

Share our impact infographic and help us spread the word that African communities are protecting children!

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