Joining the Call to Increase Funding for the Community Response to Ebola


International funders are calling on the philanthropic community to intensively fund on-the-ground organizations in Africa to support a sustainable response to Ebola and other crises.

We've joined this call and hope others will join us to support this important call to action.

It's been a year since WHO first reported on the Ebola epidemic. Communities are still tackling this issue and it's their local solutions that will lead the end to this epidemic. As this New York Times story shows, "Empty Ebola Clinics in Liberia Are Seen as Misstep in U.S. Relief Effort," we need to listen to local solutions so that the response addresses the real needs on the ground.

Read more about the need to fund local solutions in this op-ed in The Guardian from Niamani Mutima of Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group and Shira Gitomer of Geneva Global and Sarah Hobson of the New Field Foundation, Women's Organizations Fighting Ebola Should be Funded as a first-line defence.

We believe African communities are creating long-term solutions and the infrastructural resilience necessary to combat ebola. That's why we joined the international funding community to call for a greater response and increased funding to community efforts.

To view the letter see

If you are part of a foundation, please join us. If you're a donor of an international foundation, support the foundation by sending them a message of thanks or encourage them to join us in signing this letter too.

For more information, please contact Shira Gitomer at or Sarah Hobson at

We know real change takes time and investment. Together, we're supporting communities to care for the most vulnerable children and families.