Mark Lorey

Vice President and Partnership Leader, World Vision International

Mark Lorey is the Vice President and Partnership Leader responsible for the Programming Strategy and Evidence group within World Vision International. This group provides global leadership for World Vision's work in development, gender, disability, peace building, urban programming, social accountability, DME, evidence building, knowledge management, and other areas. Mark is also a founding member of the Faith to Action Initiative, a coalition of organizations working to support and guide North American churches and other faith groups seeking to help orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and beyond. F2A promotes family and community care as the best and most lasting responses to the OVC crisis.

Mark has worked with World Vision for more than fifteen years. His first role with WV included leading development of WV's approach to community-led care for orphans and vulnerable children. A subsequent role focused on leading co-creation of WV's foundational approach in all development programmes: working with communities and partners toward the sustained well-being of children within families and communities, especially the most vulnerable. Mark has previously been based in Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia and worked with Save the Children, USAID, and other agencies. He currently lives near Washington, DC with his wife and two daughters.